New #pickqld bonus to attract workers

The Dept of Agriculture know that workforce attraction is a major challenge for the agriculture sector. To help the effort, they are offering new workers a $1,500 #pickqld bonus.

The $1,500 is paid in two instalments—an initial $500 after 10 days of work within a consecutive 28-day period (4 weeks) and a second and final payment of $1,000 after 30 days of additional work within a consecutive 70-day period (10 weeks).

The #pickqld bonus is available to workers who started employment from June 1, 2021, who are aged 16 or above and have the right to work in Australia.. Applications are made by the worker via the application portal, with proof of employment and hours required from the employer/s. Payments are made direct to the worker via an Australian bank account.

There are incentives of up to $7,500 (the #pickqld bonus plus the Australian government’s AgMove incentive) for harvest workers #pickqld website.


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