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2020 Defence Force Opportunities for Job Seekers

Defence Force Recruiting have a number of critical Army roles that have intakes in the next few months. If you are keen to join the Australian Defence Force, you can apply for these roles and get into paid employment in early 2020.

What critical roles are recruiting for early 2020?

There are two key Communication, IT & Intelligence roles that Defence Force Recruiting are encouraging applications for right now:

  • Information Systems Technician: Build and manage the networks that keep the Army in touch and communicating effectively, on base and in deployed environments, utilising the very latest ICT equipment.
  • Communication Systems Operator: Help keep the Army in touch and communicating effectively, operating high-tech radio and satellite systems on base, on exercises and on deployments overseas

Learn more about these vital roles below and how your job seekers can take their first steps to a career in the Australian Defence Force.

Information Systems Technician

As an Information Systems Technician you will learn how to operate, maintain, secure and employ Deployable Local Area Networks (DLAN) and Mission Systems as part of a bigger Communications Node that will provide services in support of Army exercises and operations. You will be a member of an Information System (IS) Detachment employed within a Communications Node, enabling you to put your training into practice in a variety of field environments and receive on the job mentoring from your more experienced colleagues.

You will be responsible for assisting in the installation and configuration of a desktop operating system, assist with the installation, apply cyber and network security, configuration and fault finding of peripheral devices (such as printers, scanners and storage devices),assist with the basic administration of network operating systems and detachment stores including radio equipment, ancillaries, batteries.
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Communication Systems Operator

On the battlefield, the Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RA Sigs) provides commanders with the means of controlling the battle using a number of methods including radio, fibre optic, microwave, information systems and satellite links. By planning, deploying and maintaining robust, scalable, secure local and wide area networks, RA Sigs ensures the Army’s information services are available 24/7 anywhere in the world.

The Communication Systems Operator is responsible for the operation of communications equipment at a number of different levels; whether it is within a Special Forces patrol or within a large headquarters, you’ll find someone from the Communications Systems employment category working there.

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Next Steps
If you would be interested in these roles call 13 19 01, visit or visit your local Defence Force Recruiting Centre to start an application.

Still need more details? Attend an information session to learn more about the various careers available in the Australian Defence Force and how to apply. To find out where your closest information session will be held, click below:

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