Fully Funded* Cert II in Engineering Pathways

An entry-level Engineering course that we is being delivered by Challenge Employment & Training starting next week and new commencement dates throughout 2020 at their engineering facility  in Lawnton.

An integral component of the course is that it will be project based and will simulate a REAL workplace environment.

Being a work- based project, means that the course will be hands on in nature and participants will learn by doing,  providing them with essential skills and experience to will support their successful transition into employment. During the course you will be setting up an Engineering workshop from the ground up, fitting out the workshop with welding bays, tables etc and fully fabricating every component of a staircase and balustrade that you will then install onsite .

We are also particularly keen to see more representation of women in the Engineering sector and are confident that this course can not only further seed these aspirations for women, but will also provide a strong foundation of skills and knowledge to Participants.

Please note: the course is not strictly for females but is open to a range of people from 15 plus years of age who would like an opportunity to pursue pathways in engineering .

Additional features:

  1. Complete Wrap around support services e.g. mentors/allied services
  2. Training provided in a simulated work environment and in line with current industry standards and practices
  3. Strong employment outcomes for Participants through the provision of high levels of support
  4. Fully funded accredited training if eligible under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work funding
  5. We also include PPE, Forklift ticket 18+, white card , First Aid + CPR

*eligibility requirements apply




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